Thursday, 13 March 2014

I struggle to look good in summer

Despite growing up in a tropical country (at least for part of my childhood), I struggle to dress well in summer. The last thing I want to do when it's stinking hot outside is to dress up - perhaps because it is easier not to wear anything. Either that, or staying in an air-conditioned room. I feel like I have had enough summer for now, but I bet that as soon as the temperature drops, I will be whining that it's too cold. First world problems, I know.

Outfit above worn to a dear friend's birthday celebration, and is pretty much my go-to summer outfit, plus or minus the jacket depending on how hot it is (I was sweating when the above photo was taken!). Yes, I know that this is an outfit that most people would not wear past a certain age, I may very well have passed that age, but hey, #yolo. Plus I am not getting any younger.

Jacket is by Saxony AW2012 (if I am not mistaken). This is one of the best jackets that I have given the price point. Love, love, love Saxony for their minimalistic approach to fashion. 

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