Saturday, 24 January 2015

Life through instagram: birthdays

Happy long weekend guys!

weekend brunch with mr squishy cheeks is the best! 

This just happened yesterday - belated birthday celebration for yours truly! Mr squishy cheeks is getting bigger and bigger, but I haven't aged a day. He is currently the only baby in our crew, so we are, understandably, a tad obsessed. Thankfully, he likes cuddles. The jury is still in whether he looks like mom or dad. When he is not sticking his tongue out, he has this pensive look about him. And in the above pic, well, just caught him during a rather grumpy moment. And yes, don't we all wish we can just scream when we want something, and two adults would come into our service?

As it turns out, there are quite a few birthday celebrations in January, so it is fitting that an overdose of cake and dessert is imminent. Not that I mind, because, seriously, who can say no to sugar all the time? We do 'clean eating' or whatever you call it because we want to be able to eat dessert guilt-free, or at least relatively so. For the record, I did not have dessert because I was tipsy post a glass of wine, which I did not regret at all. I spent the rest of the day in a state of deliriousness. Happiness in a glass of wine - what more can you ask in life? Oh, of course, the best of company and the kindest of friends, the ones who simply 'get' you, no questions asked. I got very lucky in this life. Thanks for the love guys. Nado neo mani mani saranghae.

early birthday celebration for mi amore
hope all your wishes come true dear

I don't really care when I get to celebrate my birthday, really, and of course, if I can, I probably stretch the celebration all year long, because #yolo. But if I were to pick a preference, of course that would be an early celebration, because, maybe, just maybe, it indicates eagerness to celebrate. No, not really. I just wanted to take my friend out on a nice lunch and Contrabando was having an express lunch deal, with the sweetest cider I've ever tasted so far (not that I've tasted many).

And while we are at it, candles - they make everything doubly, triply special. Like you are glowing in the midst of darkness kind of thing. Or maybe, it's just an instagram filter.

A note on instagraming or facebooking or twitting someone else's picture (i.e. someone who happens to be in same frame as yours) - maybe ask them if it's okay before you actually upload the pic? It's only polite that way. I will not dream of writing Social Media 101 ever, but it bugs me when someone deliberately posts an unflattering photo of anyone. Like seriously? If you are ever in doubt, just be kind as often as you possibly kind (read: don't be a moron).

my friend baked yest and took the cake to the office today.
i know i shouldn't, but i took a bite and i now want to eat the whole thing.

My friend baked one of the most delicious chocolate cakes that I've ever tasted my whole life. I am not a big fan of cakes, just that I've been exposed to a lot of cakes in the recent years. Her cake was so moist and tasty that I had a bite and it was nicely summarised by the above picture.

It dawned on me that growing up, the reason why I never liked cakes was because they were mostly terrible to eat. I mean, seriously, they were bland for the most part. It is very possible that the baker were trying to skimp on sugar, but I would rather attribute this to a lack of skill. Then again, I didn't have a high expectation of cakes back then, so I took it as all cakes tasted horrible. It pained me that I had to eat them because I felt somewhat obligated to like them - because they were like, errr, expensive. I can think of a few other 'delicacies' that I never quite liked growing up, but felt obligated to consume and enjoy just because they were expensive. Abalone, for an instance, is severely overrated in our household. And so is lobster, in my opinion; and any other exotic seafood, all of which used to give me the worst allergic reaction ever (some still do). These last few sentences do make me sound like a spoilt, ungrateful little brat, and in all likelihood, I probably was (and still am). I am today thankful that I don't find these things appetising as I have found the true love of my life that is fried chicken, which unfortunately, is a pretty bad thing to consume on a regular basis. It does, however, make one bad-ass birthday wish.

birthday wishes done right (minus the grammatical error)
And after all these feasting, I feel like I am fat. Like really, really fat. 

Have a great long weekend guys! 

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