Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Life through Instagram: more birthday celebrations

there is a first time for everything that this was my first: planning a surprise party. i am not into surprises, the only time i ever wanted a surprise party was when i requested it so that i knew that there was a surprise waiting for me (which defeats the point of the surprise in the first place). but it so happens that there are people out there who actually like surprises, and one of these people i actually love, so surprise party it is. the idea originated from one of my close friends and i just tagged along for the ride.

we treated her to the degustation menu at Monopole. the experience is neatly summarised as great food, great service and impressive wine list. two thumbs up! this was followed by a three hour karaoke session at the Lantern by Wagaya. we agonised over which karaoke bar to book because well, you reach a certain age in your life whereby you don't really want to spend time at dirty, sticky karaoke bars (but for some reason, don't use the same standard when it comes to food - dont ask). the good thing about being the event organiser was that i got the final say on everything, so i picked Lantern because it had the nicest pictures out of the ones we considered. the gorgeous birthday girl, pictured above, was beyond happy! and yes, pink is her favourite colour.

this was another friend's birthday, this time we celebrated at Guillaumes. the food is a notch better than Monopole (and is also priced accordingly) and the dish pictured above is easily the best duck of my life.

my baby cousin had her birthday recently and we took her to her first Michelin starred restaurant (and coincidentally, the cheapest) that is Tim Ho Wan. we didn't book this place so not sure if they take bookings. and of course, there was a queue. and yes, we did join the queue. and no, it wasn't my idea. but we were lucky because it wasn't a one hour wait. their signature barbecue pork buns (pictured above) are literally to die for, and this is coming from someone who ordinarily declines to eat barbecue pork buns. we each ate three buns - if not more. yes, they were that good and seriously addictive. the rest of the menu - well, to my fussy-when-it-comes-to-asian-food tastebud, just fine. but will return for the barbecue pork buns.

my boss celebrated his 50th birthday recently, we naturally had to celebrate. he gave one of the most moving speeches i have ever heard my whole life, whereby he pointed out two things that remain mysteries to him. first, that his wife married him and second, that he has friends, as in true friends. in addition to getting me teary, this got me thinking of the same mysteries of my life. i don't quite understand why le husb decided that it was a good idea marrying me, but i spent a good lengthy period of time figuring out whether marriage in general was a good idea (it's not; marriage with him, at that point in time, was a good idea). so, safe to say that if he didn't ask me to marry him, then we wouldn't have been married (sorry, Dad). and then i think about my friends - these individuals that i regard as friends and also regard me as their friend. i dont have many of them but each and everyone of them i actually like, some i like more than others, and some i kind of love. when it comes to being lucky, i have been more than lucky. i am not deserving, but i am truly grateful.

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