Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Something new

In the interest of (1) trying on new things and (2) have something to blog about and (3) clean my wardrobe, I ventured off putting my clothes up for sale on eBay.

I am always of view that selling my stuff on eBay is a rather pointless exercise because I often judge the value of my worn/pre-loved clothes as zero or somewhere close to it, so to put in all the effort to sell is just too much of a hassle with little to next to nothing return.

I mean, to put it differently, there is a reason as to why eBay is the place whereby I find a lot of bargains, so to be on the other side of the equation is really something I have an aversion to.

BUT one of my friends is kind enough to help me put my stuff up on eBay with her account (I swear she is the sweetest friend ever). Long story short, her act of kindness plus a casual remark from another friend who told me that my reluctance to do the eBay thing myself is really a manifestation of my laziness to new heights (not her exact words because she was being polite), combined with my guilt associated with inaction, eventually led me to set up a seller's account. Fast forward a few days later, I sold three items (out of the ten that was allowed). Thirty percent success rate is pretty good for a beginner, I think.

The only catch to this whole exercise is that I purchased a pack of ten parcel bags from Australia Post, so now I feel somewhat rather obligated to sell at least another seven items so that these unused parcel bags are not cluttering my apartment.

And onto something completely unrelated but brings a smile to my face every I think about this: I find it somewhat odd the other day that one of my friends judged the value of my wardrobe to be somewhere around the $20k mark. I can't think of a better compliment, really.

[ps. Out of the three friends mentioned, the first does not read this blog, not sure if the second is, but both regularly bond with me over our love for fashion and clothes. The last does not care about clothes, or so she said, and does not read this blog. Or maybe she does but she told me she prefers my other blog better.]

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