Tuesday, 2 July 2013

When you can just stand out

In my opinion, dressing for your shape can be rather ridiculous.

I get that it is about balance, highlighting features you love and camouflaging ones you don't really like... but why do you want to make yourself look like you are not your shape? I mean, what's the deal with looking "balanced"?

If you are skinny, you don't have to make yourself look less skinny when you dress. By all means, wear the tightest clothing to show off the fact that you are skinny and get everyone else to look at you in envy.

Whatever happened to embracing your shape? Yourself? When everyone is striving for a balanced look, what ends up happening is that everyone is going to look the same. Fitting in is so overrated. Why spend so much time and effort fitting in when you can just stand out, naturally?

ps. same outfit as the one shown here

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