Thursday, 27 June 2013

I am okay with that

There comes a time in our lives whereby we are old enough to be responsible for the outcomes of things that we choose to do or do not choose to do. The tricky bit is that, it's not like this moment is defined by someone telling you that from this point forward, you are ultimately responsible for your life. It is more like you realise that how your life turn out is very much a function of your choices and decisions, and so you begin to focus on the things that you can change and let go of the things that you can't, while learning the difference between the two. 

I am responsible for my life, my decisions and my actions. At every turn, I consider, as much as I reasonably can, the risks and rewards attached to each opportunity before I take the plunge and pursue them. My ultimate investment, at this point in time, is my time. I am aware that I am young and thus lacking experience by definition, with a lot of time to offer, also by definition. I am okay with that.  

I don't have everything worked out. I am still largely finding myself, it is like as if I lost myself somewhere without even realising it. It is like maybe I am in this perpetual search of something, anything to make me (supposedly) complete. That makes me incomplete, by definition, with lots of room for growth and improvement and enhancements. I am okay with that. 

You may not be okay with all of these. I am okay with that.

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