Saturday, 8 June 2013

Style Resolutions (June 2013)

It is useful, in my opinion, to evaluate one's style at least annually, at the very minimal, to prevent a clothing rut. My personal preference has always been for this thing called reinvention, which, to me, indicates a certain level of personal reflection and growth. I have put this under the general heading of style, but it is really about wardrobe management.

This year, my only style resolution was embedded into the general pool of new years resolutions that I wrote when I was freshly out of Jakarta's most recent flood. At that time, I wanted to be more conscious of the things that I bought, in particular, not buying things just because they are a good deal. As all the bargain hunters out there can attest to at one point or another, this one is really difficult to stick with.  The number of times this has been broken so far this year: 7 times. That's on average slightly more than 1 item per month, but the concentration of breaking this rule has been towards the beginning of the year, during the month of April, to be precise (I succumbed to the temptation of For the remainder of the year, I'd like to follow a closer observation of the same resolution: do not buy items just because they are a good deal

A new resolution I'd like to adhere to, and is inline with my first resolution, is only keep items that fit my lifestyle. What this really means is that I need to embark on this journey of parting with items that do not and/or will not get enough wear. I have been purging since the beginning of this year and have given a lot of things to people that I think will like them. This has been a difficult but very rewarding process. The hardest part about this is admitting defeat. You know, when you admit something along the lines of: I bought these things because they were a good deal. I wore them once or twice max and the rest of the time they are just sitting there in my wardrobe doing absolutely nothing. It is time that someone else enjoy them, hopefully more than I did once upon a time.

Admitting that you are wrong is not a nice feeling. Having a well-curated wardrobe is. I'll choose the latter any day, thanks.

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