Thursday, 20 June 2013

Versatile items: leather jackets

About time for a new post! It is freezing cold here in Sydney, winter's no longer coming, winter is here.

Ah, leather jackets. Jemma Wei is obsessed with them! She "impulsively" put herself on a leather jacket ban just so that she could start wearing other things in her wardrobe. The first thing she did when the ban is over? Yeap, you guessed it. I don't know Jemma Wei in real life, I haven't met her yet. I just reckon she's gorgeous! 

I would like to think that I have a somehow more legitimate reason to reach out for my leather jacket given that it is winter here in Sydney. My current favourite jacket is a brown leather jacket that is not pictured above. I purchased the black first and then the brown a few months later, and right now prefer to wear the brown more because it is smaller than the black. It is a fit issue more than a colour issue, really. I suppose the fact that I own two colours of similar jackets says a lot about how much I love wearing them. I would not recommend this approach unless you absolutely love the item. This is because as it is right now, the brown gets more wear than the black, because I can only wear one of them at a time. 

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