Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The biggest lesson about shopping

The biggest lesson that I've learned about shopping is: watch out for low prices.
(1) Low price is often an indicator of low quality and low wear-life. Considering that I often search high and low for a particular colour/cut/style, this combination is annoying.
(2) Low price, usually on discounted items, often represents bargains! Bargains are my Achilles heels because I often end up buying things that I don't need nor necessarily want, other than the mere fact that I wanted to score a bargain (and the high does not last that long).
(3) Low price usually means mindless purchases for me, which is something I am trying so desperately to curb. I don't even want to talk about whether I am contributing to the terrible impact of the fast fashion industry because I suspect I am and I don't know what to do about it.

I much rather spend on high quality items that I need and want and stand the test of time; bring me joy every time I wear them, true to my style and lifestyle, as well as contributing to the greater good of the planet. That may be too ambitious, but something to aspire to. 

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