Friday, 25 April 2014


This post is inspired by this post by Sam of Financial Samurai, one of the blogs that I frequent. Click on the link, it is worth reading, I promise!

I love my jeans. True story: my Dad made that remark to me when I was little and I remember thinking: really? I love them that much for him to notice*? And then a few seconds later: what else do I love this much? I have always been a bit of a tomboy at heart, so my preference deviates towards the 'boyish' look (another word that I grew up with).
My collection of jeans has been with me through thick and thin. Recently, I did a mini overhaul and took off the pairs that didn't fit that well. Somewhat rather thankfully, most of them survived the weight loss that I had since I've decided to become a runner. Well, ok, only the low waisted ones did. I've since bought a few pairs of mid-rise ones in one or two sizes smaller.

And (small-ish voice) - there are some mid-rise ones that were too loose that I still hang on to. I know, I know, I am irrationally attached to my clothes.  

I hesitate to use the term investment when it comes to clothes, but if there's anything worth "investing" in, then for me, it would be (and has been) jeans. 

So, what's your favourite wardrobe item? Tell me via Twitter, okay! For more of my irrelevant musings, head over to my other blog. For random snapshots of the good moments in my life, peek at my instagram. Prepare to drool! You've been warned!

*My Dad is one of those people who cares about what I wear and how I look. I attribute a lot of my approach to looking good to him. Thanks Dad, you really are my inspiration!

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