Friday, 18 April 2014

Letting go

One thing that I openly struggle with in this life is this thing called... patience.

I think I was born with a severe patience deficit. I think my parents forgot to wish that I would grow up to be a patient person, but since they pretty much wished everything else, I guess I can try to live with this. They were also incredibly uncreative with my name, but that's another story, another day.

Ever since discovering that I dislike ballet flats with a passion, I have been vigorously evaluating my shoes. Le husb has been quietly telling me that our limited apartment is in no way, shape or form, capable of accommodating my ever growing shoe collection. [Side note: I do not, and have never, own 200 pairs of shoes at any one time. I do not have a problem.]

I have learned that in life I must pick my battles and this is one battle that I gladly win by actually losing. So, if you want my shoes, let me know please. As usual, chat via Twitter. More of me on instagram and my other blog.

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